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Pay discrimination in the workplace:
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Do you charge for advice, information?

Does the NCWO charge for its work with women

experiencing employment discrimination?


No.  NCWO does not charge fees to women seeking information or legal help.  We do accept donations from law firms, foundations, or individuals who wish to support our work.


What about the law firms the NCWO works with?


NCWO can refer women to a network of attorneys that are experienced in civil rights litigation.† In class action cases, we refer to firms who work on a contingency basis, and only seek fees as awarded by a court, from funds paid by defendant, if there has been a settlement or favorable verdict Ė you do not have to pay out of pocket for attorneys fees.† If you have an individual case that is not part of a class action (see Class actions for more information), you will most likely have to pay at least some legal fees up front, although you may be able to recover those fees from defendant if the case concludes successfully.† Any fee arrangements are between you and the attorneys you work with.† Our job is to help you determine whether you should pursue legal action and help you decide how to go forward.



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Help us help YOU


The National Council of Womenís Organizations (NCWO) and its Corporate Accountability Project do not charge fees to women seeking information or legal help.  However, some individuals who have been helped by NCWO and sexdiscrimination.org have asked how they can contribute.


All contributions are welcome and appreciated.


Use the JustGive link below to make tax deductable contributions with your credit card to help us continue and enhance our work for womenís pay equity.



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