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Pay discrimination in the workplace:
It’s wrong. It’s unfair. It’s illegal. And you don't have to take it anymore

What can I ask for in a lawsuit for sex discrimination?


You can ask for lost wages, for money damages for emotional distress you suffered, and to get your job back or get a promotion.  You can also ask for the Court to require the defendant to pay your attorneys’ fees.  In a class action, you can also ask the court to make your employer change its practices (e.g. irrelevant job requirements, discriminatory leave policies, etc.) to prevent future discrimination from occurring, and obtain relief for an entire class of women, not just yourself


If you have not spoken to an attorney during the EEOC process, you must do so as soon as you receive a notice of right to sue.  If you are going to pursue your claims in court, you should be talking to a qualified attorney, either one you find yourself or one referred through an advocacy organization experienced in sex discrimination claims.  If you think your case could be part of a class action, contact NCWO at 202-247-1300.


What are the disadvantages of filing a sex discrimination lawsuit?


Even though it is illegal, you may experience retaliation at work.  This could range from demotion to bad assignments or schedules to outright firing.  If this happens, you can make claims for retaliation part of your lawsuit.


You could be subject to exhaustive and intrusive investigations by the company lawyers, and attempted smears on your reputation.


The process could take years, and you might not win.  Despite a serious impact on you, some discrimination or harassment may not rise to the level necessary to succeed in federal court.


It is important to talk with a lawyer or legal services organization to discuss your chances of success. They can help you to understand your choices, the costs and benefits, and strengths and weaknesses of your case.


What are the advantages of filing a lawsuit?


If you win, you can collect monetary relief to compensate you for wages you lost and damages you suffered due to the employer’s misconduct.  You can have your attorneys’ fees paid by the defendant employer.  In addition,   in class action cases you can change company policies to prevent future illegal discrimination at the company.  You can also obtain monetary relief for the entire class.   A class action case can really change the way an employer does business, and the way it treats its women employees – even women who were not part of the class action, or who get hired in the future.


Lawsuits are very often settled before they go to trial.  You could receive a settlement that includes both money and company policy changes (sometimes called “programmatic relief”) as above, without having to go through trial.


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